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2020 Year in Review & Closure for the Holidays

As I look back at this year at all of the changes we all have had to make to adapt to this new reality, I feel grateful that you all have allowed me to be part of your world. The support you all have shown me have allowed me to transform Kassandra Creations from a small kitchen based business to having a true workspace. Because of you, I was able to rearrange and upgrade my home so that I could have that work space, you helped make that a reality. Every order, every review, every like, every share, and every comment has helped this business grow and I am just so thankful. I am down to the last few Christmas orders which I plan to have finished and delivered tomorrow. After that, I am taking a much needed break. Therefore, Kassandra Creations will be closed from 12/23 - 1/3 for inventory, accounting, and to celebrate the holidays as best as one can. The website will still be up and items will still be available for purchase, however new orders will not be filled until after reopening. I will finish the rest of the non-urgent orders as I can over the break to get them out as soon as possible. I just need a bit to catch my breath and spend some time with my kiddo.

Thank you all, again, for making my 2020 better than expected, all things considered. You are amazing and I appreciate you. Now it's time for a bath and a book.

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